About us

DCAD is an research and development unit dedicated to developing technologies and provide expert services (analysis, modeling, consulting) in the area of Big Data. In our work we apply knowledge and methods coming from physics, mathematics, informatics and other natural sciences. Our services enable to acquire useful knowledge from data in order to optimize a current business work and development planning.

DCAD initiated its activities as an research and development (R&D) unit of Stermedia company in 2007. In the initial period of it’s activity we focused on the study of market demand for projects R&D within the framework of initiatives such as the Open Science 2.0, Open Research and commissioned projects. Currently, based on acquired knowledge and experience we mainly focusing on R&D projects and services related to renewable energy sources and industry (forecasting, automation, management and control of energy sources).

In it’s activities, we try to bring to life the idea of what might be called Practical Science (Industrial Science), which is a generalization over the world used the idea of Practical Mathematics (Industrial Mathematics). Our team is based on: Polish graduates of prestigious universities, researchers – former employees of scientific Polish and foreign research institutions and experts and scientists invited from outside to individual projects. Such flexible research group enables us to recognize the depth understanding of a particular problem and finding the most effective solutions.

We carry out own and commissioned R&D projects, elaborate expert opinions, analysis and model technological processes and counsel in scientific and technical issues. All interested are welcome to contact us.