We are searching for analytical solutions in bioinformatics – the new discipline utilizing informatics, statistics, and computer science to solve biological problems. The application of bioinformatics allows for extraction of useful information from noisy data produced by biological techniques such as high-throughput gene expression techniques in genomics.

We are searching for new solutions and applications of bioinformatics. Our experience and cooperation with research centre allows us performing advanced medical, genetic data analyses. We have rich experience in the area of DNA micro-array data analysis. We offer our cooperation in:

  • DNA micro-array data analysis,
  • the analysis of pharmaceutical data in order to identify likely drug candidates,
  • the analysis of data from medical / research centers,
  • the analysis of history of medical illness in order to give appropriate treatment.

The best way to illustrate the efficiency of analytical techniques is by presenting the recent success in this field. One of the examples is the micro-array research techniques that allow for analysis of 22000 genes expressions simultaneously. The application of micro-arrays allowed determining the patient’s susceptibility to genetic illnesses. Such researches are currently performed in Poland, for instance the analysis of FRM1 gene responsible for fragile X mental retardation.

Another successful application of data mining in bioinformatics is analytical-statistical system that can make diagnosis for people suffering from myeloid leukemia. This approach allows for selection of appropriate treatment.

Currently European centers apply advanced analytical techniques to the analysis of lab data (serum, creatinine, urine etc). Introduction of electronic identification system into health care allows for application of analytical approach to the process of making diagnosis. The data gathered by the system will allow for application of similar treatment to patients that have similar medical illness history and similar illness symptoms.