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The risk is the inevitable part of the decision making process. The risk cannot be avoided but can be minimized. During the decision making process we would like to base our judgments on precise reposts, analyses which can’t be obtained without the use of dedicated methodologies and tools. Very few people realize how much valuable information is hidden in our data. The extraction of this information can raise the awareness of our decisions and reduce the resulting risk. By applying our analytical-statistical approach we would like to offer you our cooperation in the following areas:

  • Customer profile analysis. The customer profile analysis allows for directing your offer (for instance, marketing offer) to the selected group of customers, or creating the offer that will reach the wider range of customers.
  • Fraud detection. The detection of abnormal patterns in the data which might indicate frauds. The fraud detection is particularly important in electronic transactions and can reduce the risk of potential losses.
  • Cluster analysis in market research. The cluster analysis is used to partition the general population of consumers into market segments and allows for better understanding of the relationships between different groups of customers.
  • Churn analysis. Customers become “churners” when they discontinue to their subscription and move their business to competitor. The purpose of churn analysis is to prevent customer migration. According to Vic Hunter, author of “Business to Business Marketing”, to retain the current customer can cost 30-40 times less than to win the new one.
  • Sales prediction. The application of predictive models to historical data identifies rules and trends indicating growth and drop in sales. The correlation between incomes and different factors can be determined. The sales prediction facilitates the sales strategy creation.
  • Credit scoring. Creation of models allowing for risk assessment in credit granting process.
  • Location and region analysis. Location and region analysis is particularly important during the development of sales network. We can recommend the location based on financial standing of shops, restaurants in the surrounding area. We also take into account regional data describing the incomes of the local population, their size etc.
  • Cost optimization. Reduction of redundant operations, processes, risks in order to improve management.

We are open to the new areas of analysis. We can help you with our experience and knowledge in the field of banking and finance data analysis.

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